Uh-Oh! Protestors Turn on Al Sharpton

The people that Al Sharpton claims to "represent" have grown as tired of the man as many others have.

The NY Daily News writes that young black activists from Ferguson had trekked to Washington for Sharpton’s “National Justice for All” march last Saturday, only to find themselves relegated to the backdrop of what looked more like an MSNBC stage production than any genuine showing of grass-roots resistance.

“This whole thing is basically for media,” observed Leon Kemp, a St. Louis activist who tweets under the handle @WyzeChef. After “Black Twitter,” as it’s called, erupted into several days of heated talk about Sharpton’s co-optation, @WyzeChef added: “I didn’t have issue with Al Sharpton as a person. That has changed.”

The levee seemed to break once and for all Saturday evening when Sharpton’s daughter, Dominique, declared the event “Al Sharpton’s March” on Twitter. Though she quickly deleted the offending tweet, activists were already apoplectic.

Sharpton, it seems, has finally worn out his welcome among younger black leaders, who until now had at least been willing to tolerate his presence and the cameras that come with it.

Young black activists of Ferguson and New York, who have put their bodies on the line to foster a nationwide movement against police violence are figuring out that Sharpton’s pernicious influence is much more acute, and damaging.

Many in the black community having been saying for years that Sharpton does not "represent them' and now it's clear that his act is wearing very thin for everyone.

Maybe it's time MSNBC got up the guts and sent the Rev packing.

Just saying...