Is Larry King Trying to Buy a Painting of His Mugshot?

Larry King maybe looking to add to his art collection, but this is one piece we doubt you would see on his wall.

The founder of Ocean Drive magazine, Jerry Powers recently took up pop art, and one of his first paintings was an Andy Warhol-style four-panel acrylic painting inspired by the Miami mugshot of former CNN talker Larry King

Powers says he received a mysterious call from someone who wanted to buy the piece.

“It’s a one-of-a-kind painting,” Powers said. “It’s for sale for $50,000, but this guy who wouldn’t identify himself wanted to give me between $24,000 and $28,000.”

The only identifying information that the caller gave is that he phoned from Los Angeles.

The caller also told asked that, if he bought the piece, Powers would agree not to do King again for at least three years.

In the end, Powers declined to sell — but now, he’s pretty convinced the 81-year-old King had something to do with it.

Said Powers: “After talking to this guy, I’m pretty sure he’s working for Larry.”

King’s 1971 arrest for grand larceny in the Miami has been a constant source of embarrassment for King, who never discusses it and cringes when it’s brought up.

So, for you would be artist that might want to make some money on the side. Here's Larry King's mugshot from 1971. Paint away!