Bernard Goldberg: CNN is a disgrace

Fox News Contributor Bernard Goldberg says that CNN is a disgrace.... it's even worse than he thought.

He points to the CNN hosts with their hands up in the air.

Goldberg writes on his blog,  You can’t put an opinion show on the air under the name of a hard news broadcast. It’s against the rules. But the cable network  has a problem. If you could bottle CNN you’d have a cure for insomnia. So Jeff Zucker, who runs the network, is trying to spice things up. And so he puts four women around a desk – several of whom aren’t bad looking – and tells them to spout off. I get it. But you can’t do that under the banner of a hard news broadcast.  Credibility and trust matter in news, as hopelessly naive as that sounds. 

He then writes, CNN needs to decide what kind of show it wants. If they want to turn “CNN Newsroom” into an opinion show to boost their ratings, fine. But a news organization can’t pretend to be straight news and then have its anchors raise their hands in sympathy with the protestors.

So here’s an idea for CNN: Until you figure out what you want to be, stop lecturing us about how you’re the news organization that’s down the middle; that we can count on you for unbiased news that isn’t driven by ideology. Sanctimony, when it becomes funny, doesn’t work.