Chicago Sports Anchor: I'm Sorry

Earlier Today, FTVLive told you that WLS Sports Anchor ABC 7 sports Anchor Mark Giangreco went on the air last night and ranted about Cutler, the Bears and the team's ownership.

He said that ownership to fire everyone and cut Cutler, but says that the team doesn't have the guts to do it. 

All that was well and good, but Giangreco included a graphic that said "Cut him or Cut your Wrists".

Making a suicide joke in the sportscast is was not a wise move.

Giangreco has now issued a statement about his lack of judgement with the graphic:

“My remarks were inappropriate, and I deeply regret and apologize for this incident. I will be issuing an on-air apology in this evening’s newscast.”

The bigger question is how does a graphic like this get on the air in the 3rd market in the country?