Setting Up the New iMac

This morning, FTVLive will be setting up our new 27" Apple iMac 5K.

The computer arrived yesterday and it will be so nice to get off the tiny laptop screen and back on a monitor that these failing eyes can finally see. 

As we told you, our old iMac finally gave up the ghost after 5 years when the hard drive crashed an burned right on my desk. 

FTVLive reached out to you and asked if you would help donate a few bucks for our new computer and to help keep the site up and running? Many of you came through in a big way, donations ranged from $5 to $400 and it really help offset the cost of the new iMac.

Yesterday, I emailed each and every person that donated to FTVLive via PayPal to thank them from the bottom of my heart.

There were others that sent gift cards and even a couple of checks the old fashion way in the mail came my way. 

I want to thank you all, but most of all my neck and squinting eyes, thank you most.