New CNN Possible Game Shows Titles and Ideas

This morning, FTVLive told you that leaked emails show that CNN boss Jeff Zucker approached Sony about possibly producing a game show for CNN.

While we have no idea if Zuck is going to go through with his plan, we thought we would pitch in and help him out.

Here are a 5 titles and ideas for CNN's new game shows:

1. Dancing with the Wolf

Contestants take turns dancing with CNN's Wolf Blitzer and whichever contestant doesn't fall asleep wins.

2. Spot the Plagiarism with Fareed Zakaria

Contestants watch reruns of CNN's Fareed Zakaria and try to spot incidents of where Zakaria committed plagiarism. The first to 100 wins. 

3. Flush Cooper Down the Pooper

Show contestants run around the world trying to find Anderson Cooper

4. Punk John King

Contestants call up CNN's John King with bogus information and the first bogus story he reports as real is the winner. 

5. Looting with Lemon

On a slow news night, contestants will be sent to a poor section of town where they will be told they have 30 minutes to loot as many stores as possible, while Don Lemon reports while wearing a gas mask, hiding in a safe house.

Obviously, there will be the smell of marijuana.