Sony Executive to Meet with Al Sharpton....WHY?

Al Sharpton is going to take time out from his MSNBC job and flying around the country to get his face on as many cameras as he can, to meet with Embattled Sony chief Amy Pascal.

Pascal is in hot water after racist e-mails between herself and producer Scott Rudin about President Obama and what movies he might like were revealed as part of sensitive information released by hackers.

She called Sharpton last week to apologize (why didn't she call President Obama) and try to set up a meeting with the cable host.

Sharpton told Page Six that he did talk to Pascal and agree to meet her. 

“I told her how offended I was, I felt it was outrageous. She said it didn’t reflect her [true feelings]. I told her when you look at the lack of diversity in Hollywood, and her own company and the context and language [of the e-mails], how could I not feel offended?”’ Sharpton said.

He also says that he made no promises to Pascal and could still ask for her to be fired.

“I don’t agree her apology is sufficient, nor did I agree that we won’t join those [calling] for her removal. Everything is on the table. I’m not going to promise anything either way.”’

How about the calls that ask for Sharpton's removal from MSNBC? No one seems to be heading those.

Mark my words, Sharpton will come out of the meeting, say that he accepts Pascal's apology and you will then soon see Rev. Al in a Sony movie to be released at a later date. 

You just know it's going to happen.