NBC News Re-Ups BriWi for 5 More Years

NBC News Anchor Brian Williams recently celebrated 10 years in the chair at Nightly News and now he'll be there for another 5 at least.

Williams extended his contract for another 5 years at NBC. 

"It's probably time I admit that I am a one-trick pony," the 55-year-old Williams said from his Rockefeller Center office in New York this past weekend. "I am, I think, designed and put on this Earth to do what I'm doing now — and that is to eat, sleep and breathe nonfiction and the news going on in the world. And then at 6:30 every night I get to deliver it, and I get to hear from the audience, and I get to know them."

The new deal means that BriWi will at least finish out the decade at 30 Rock. 

H/T LA Times