MSNBC Launches Some New Shift Today

MSNBC is launching a digital streaming channel Today at 9AM and it could be where you will find the next talent for MSNBC's cable net and even NBC. 

The channel known as “Shift by MSNBC,” already has shows ready to go. They will debut a new show about sports. And one focused on books. And another that will examine celebrity and popular culture.

ore importantly, Shift will have new contributors that could gradually make their way to the cable network. This might be a good idea, since MSNBC head Phil Griffin thought that someone like Ronan Farrow was a can't miss and he flopped.

This will give MSNBC the opportunity to see if the people that Griffin picks really can do TV, or if they will fail like Farrow? 

“We’ve got to keep evolving,” Griffin said. “We are going to broaden the aperture, but keep the sensibility. Times change and evolve. We had great success in 2006 to 2012, 2013, with our sensibility, but I think now, with the media exploding, we’ve got to adjust a little bit too, and figure out new ways to grab audiences.” Among the new offerings is “The Briefing,” a political program hosted Monday and Fridays by Luke Russert, and “Code Forward,” a discussion of issues raised by new technology, developed in partnership with the tech-news outlet Re/Code.

MSNBC is following CBS into the digital world and some might say into the future.

Stay tuned....

H/T Variety