Fox Shanks First Try and Golf Coverage

Anyone that reads this site at all knows that FTVLive is my love and golf is my passion.

Saturday, we got a glimpse into the future and it did not like bright for golf on the Fox Network. This past year, Fox paid the USGA a lot of money to wrestle away the US Open, Women's US Open and other USGA events from NBC.

The USGA and NBC had a longtime partnership and in a backdoor deal Fox was able to take away the golf property from the Peacock.

Fox's first try at golf coverage happened on Saturday in an off-season event that really meant nothing, but was a good chance for Fox to give their try at covering golf. 

It did not go well.

First of all, the same music package that Fox uses for NFL Football was used on their golf coverage. They also used NFL announcer Joe Buck and he while Buck is very good at Baseball and Football coverage, he was not at covering golf. 

He made a mistake even with the title of people working on the broadcast. 

When Joe Buck made a reference to Kim Kardashian during the broadcast, it nearly sent golf purist into cardiac arrest.

As to what Buck thought of Fox's first attempt at golf coverage?

"We're not worthy," He said.

That might have been the only thing he got right all day. 

Let's hope Fox heads to the range and works on their game, because right now, if they were a golfer, Fox would be considered a really bad hack.