So Much for Non-Biased News

While MSNBC leans hard to the left and Fox News leans hard to the right, CNN likes to proudly claim that they are down the middle and are non-biased in their reporting. 

Well you can chuck that out the window. In a news block on CNN that said "news hour" on the cable guide, you got anything but straight news.

The people (will refused to call them Anchors or hosts) closed the show out with their hands up and one with a handwritten note saying, "I can't breathe".

No longer can CNN claim themselves as a down the middle newscast with no bias. 

When someone pointed out on Twitter that the move was in "poor taste", CNN Contributor Margret Hoover tweeted back that it was her idea to do the hands up pose.

Now, at what point did "contributors" at CNN start producing the show?

This was nothing short of an embarrassment for CNN and the network bosses should take action, unless of course the goal is to become the next MSNBC. 

Just saying.....