CNN's Brian Stelter's Ratings Down in the First Year

When Brian Stelter left the NY Times for his first TV job ever in November 2013, CNN had hoped that putting a younger person on Reliable Sources would help the show's ratings in the demo.

Stelter had an easy job...... replacing the awful Howard Kurtz and many thought it would be a no brainer that Stelter would show a big ratings bump.

But it hasn't happened, in fact Stelter's total viewer numbers are flat compared to that of Kurtz's.

But surly he has brought in the younger viewers...right?


Reliable is down 10% in the demo according to Nielsen. 

While Kurtz pulled in 137,000 viewers in the demo, Stelter is pulling in just 123,000, again according to Nielsen's ratings. 

Also, since Stelter has been at CNN, Fox News has seen demos go up for Media Buzz.

As one CNN insider said to FTVLive, "The guy is pretty damn arrogant for someone that has dropped in the ratings".