Stop The Music

Each year, the WNBC Anchors, Reporters and other station employees gather at the Rockefeller Center ice rink to sing Christmas carols.

The sing-a-long is taped and packaged into a special that the sales department can sell.

But, sadly the bad weather in New York forced WNBC to cancel the taping and the music has been silenced. It was a chance for Viewers to join in the Sing-Along and meet (or yell at) their favorite TV news personalities. 

ut, don't worry, WNBC says they still plan on airing the show (after all sales had sold spots), by rerunning parts of last year's sing-a-long.

We're guessing they will edit out the staffers that quit or were fired in the past year.

It airs Saturday night.

H/T FishBowlNY