Where Did the Pimping Reporter Go?

You may remember back in July, FTVLive told you about WWAY (Wilmington)  Reporter Sara Hopkins, who made as much doing ads on social media as she does reporting the news for her station.

Her then News Director Scott Pickey said he had no problems with his Reporter pitching products  on he social media accounts on her own time. 

FTVLive questioned if Hopkins really was doing the shilling on her own time or at the station? We pointed out that a guy that looked exactly like WWAY Weekend Anchor Chris Brown appeared with her in one of the online ads. 

After that story, Pickey was soon gone from the station and replaced by Kevin Wuzzardo as the ND.

Well, it appears that Wuzzardo has a bit more ethics when it comes to TV news and sources tell FTVLive that Hopkins is no longer reporting at the station. 

Word is that Hopkins worked her last day in the WWAY newsroom on Sunday, her picture is off the reporting staff section of the station's website and we hear that she is now working on the sales side at WWAY.

Which seems like a much better fit.