Former Producer: ABC News Has Lost its Way

Former TV News Producer Frank Gottlieb says that ABC News is no longer a legitimate news operation and has lost its way.

He points to Tuesday's NightLine as exhibit 'A', Gottlieb writes on his Facebook page:

The case in point is Tuesday's Nightline..... the day of the Intelligence Committee report on CIA torture. There was not a word about the report on the broadcast. It would have been the only story during the Ted Koppel era.

Instead there were reports on sleep apnea, and parallels between Spike Lee's "Do the Right Thing" and the recent New York police choking death. The last segment was David Muir interviewing the cast of "Into the Woods." The small detail of it being a Disney production, ABC's parent, was the anchor tag at the end of the program. That explains why James Corden wasn't part of the story even though he's the film's male lead. Corden takes over Craig Ferguson's spot opposite Nightline next month. Almost forgot, Rosie Perez of ABC's "The View" was the primary guest in the Spike Lee segment.

Gravitas is what Ted Koppel brought to Nightline. With Roone Arledge at the helm and Peter Jennings anchoring ABC became a well regarded news organization. They have become Disneyfied to the public detriment.