Cleveland Weatherman Signs Multi-Year Deal...He's Damn Near 84 Years Old

WJW Weather Anchor Dick Goddard started forecasting the weather in the Cleveland market in  1961.

He has just inked a new multi-year deal to keep forecasting the weather to Cleveland viewers.

He also turns 84 years old in February.

"Dick Goddard remains both a legend and fixture here at Fox 8 and on Cleveland television," said Kevin Salyer, Channel 8's vice president for programming and promotion. "Northeast Ohioans obviously still have trust in him, his expertise and his many years of experience as evidenced by our continued dominance in ratings and how, when the weather gets bad, Cleveland still turns to Goddard and his Fox 8 weather team."

It's great that a guy can continue to do what he loves well into his 80's, but I feel sorry for the Weather Anchor that was brought on with the promise, You will be replacing Dick when he retires."

That person has got to be like, "Damn! This guy is never going to leave."

Just saying...