What a Novel Idea

It would seem that a email like this should not have to be sent, but in these star worshipping times, we guess it does.

The White House Correspondents' Association sent an email out to news organizations, urging them to resist jockeying for celebrity guests for April’s annual dinner and try to invite more actual White House correspondents.

What a concept. 

“An important priority for us is making sure that as many of your hard-working journalists who actually cover the White House, and are members of our association; get a chance to attend the dinner,” read the email. “So while we continue to welcome you to bring special guests of your choice, we also strongly encourage you to invite as many of our members who work at your organization as possible.”

Over the past several years, news organizations have tried to one up each other by inviting celebrities to sit at their table, so the other kids will think they're cool. 

Christi Parsons, a White House reporter for Tribune newspapers and the current president of the WHCA, said in an email to HuffPost that she didn't know if news organizations are planning to invite more celebrities than in previous years.

But, she said, "I can tell you it really galls a lot of us that people we work side-by-side with every day don’t get to come."

The dinner costs $300 a seat or $3,000 for a table.

FTVLive was invited to the dinner last year and we declined.