Sources: Howard Kurtz, Lauren Ashburn Break Up

Back in September, FTVLive told you that Fox News decided not to renew the contract of Howard Kurtz's girlfriend Lauren Ashburn.

Kurtz and Ashburn started a strange relationship when Howie started appearing and heavily promoting a podcast that Ashburn was doing.

The podcasts were awful, but when Kurtz was pushed out at CNN and headed to Fox News, he took Ashburn with him and somehow convinced Fox News to pay her.

FNC finally figured out that she was pretty much useless and did not renew her contract. Unfortunately, Fox has not yet figured that Kurtz is just as useless and he is still employed...for now.

But, sources tell FTVLive that Kurtz and Ashburn don't even talk to each other anymore. Word is that Ashburn basically believes that Howie through her under the bus and that got her bounced at FNC.

How bad is it between the two?

It's so bad that they both quit following each other on Twitter. 

If this was high school that in itself would be a really huge deal. 

So ladies, Howie is back on the market and I bet you all are drooling over that prospect.

Ok...maybe not.