Twin Cities Station Doubles Down on Racist Report

On Friday, FTVLive told you that KSTP (Minneapolis) Reporter Jay Kolls did a story in which he accused the Minneapolis Mayor of flashing a gang sign in a photo.

The photo of Mayor Betsy Hodges posing with a convicted felon while throwing up a gang sign. The felon, Navell Gordon was working as a volunteer to help get people to vote, yet the station painted him as a thug and a gang member.

If Gordon was white and not black, it is more than likely KSTP would not have touched the story. The Mayor seems to be pointing and the volunteer, but KSTP's Jay Kolls says she's throwing a gang sign.

The station relied on an interview with an ex-cop, who likely have an agenda to bash the Mayor and claim that this photo puts "police officers lives in danger".

The report was at least awful reporting and at worst, outright racism. 

The station was bashed for their reporting across the Internet and social media. Instead of issuing an apology for their first report, they doubled down and aired a second report, trying to justify the first one. 

It appears that the station, which is a dog in the ratings is trying to stick by a sweeps story that has backfired on them. 

Reporter Kolls tried to defend his racist report on social media, but after the heat, his Twitter account has now gone silent. 

As for convicts? Kolls does have some expertise in this area. He was arrested for DUI back in 2007. No word if he spent anytime with gang members while he was behind bars. 

If KSTP wants to continue to report that Mayor Betsy Hodges is throwing gang signs, FTVLive would like to help out.

We found this picture of Mayor Betsy flashing a double gang sign under her picture of Wonder Woman in her office. 

Not sure how many gang bangers keep a picture of Wonder Woman on hand, but then again we have never been in the Bloods or Crips hangout.

Also, we came across this photo of KSTP's Kolls throwing a gang sign as well. 

Guess he picked that up while he was spending time in the crossbars hotel.

Here is the station's second report in which they try to explain their first racist report.