Like Little School Kids

When I was in 3rd grade, sometimes word would leak out that there was going to be a fight on the playground after school.

You would run out as the final bell sounded to watch a couple of immature school kids mainly just call each other names and never throw a punch. 

Now, the immature kids do all this on Twitter. 

 Fox Business Reporter Charlie Gasparino and CNBC’s Ron Insana got in an epic Twitter fight that would have made any 3rd grader proud.

It started with Gasparino getting all excited over an ad he was featured in. Then Insana commented that CNBC's David Faber was the real news breaker:

After that it got ugly quick with Gasparino going to the old 1st grader stand by of calling Insana "fat":

The Twitter fight continued until both of the little boys have to be home because the street lights had come on.

All we can say, if this is the best people the business networks can give us, then you can count us out as a viewer. Both of these network should be beyond embarrassed and both these brats should be at worst suspended.

Just saying.... 

H/T Mediaite