News Photographer Quits in Email Blasting Station Management

A News Photographer at WPEC is West Palm Beach up and quit the Sinclair station after just a few weeks on the job. 

In his resignation email to management, Vince Norman blasted the Sinclair station, complaining about the equipment and the station's management and Assignment Desk. 

Here's the email that he sent station management and CC'd to the rest of the staff and Sinclair managers:

From: Vince Norman <>
Date: November 2, 2014 at 12:57:33 PM EST
To: Carl Pugliese <>, Ursula Peak <>
Cc: WPEC News Department <>
Subject: Termination of employment

I regret to inform you that I am leaving WPEC. As it is within the 90 day probationary period, and since Florida is a right to work state, I am not required to give two weeks notice. 

I am sad to leave, though not for the reasons you may expect. 

The people that work in the field are an excellent group of men and women, extremely rich in talent and creativity. The same can be said of many in the newsroom as well. 

Unfortunately, talent and creativity aren’t enough to run a successful news operation, without adequate support from a technical and logistical standpoint. 

Too often in the three weeks I’ve been in the field, WPEC has consistently failed to provide theses two critical points. 

Whether it was the third day of my employment, working a double with no gear, using a mostly destroyed camera to attempt (and fail) two live shots using a liveU; or simply being run all over creation due to the complete lack of situational awareness demonstrated by the assignment desk; I have reached the limit of what I’m willing to put up with. 

Good luck to all employees, and I hope that the situation changes for the better soon. 

I hold no ill will towards anyone at the station, and wish all of you the best. 

-Vince Norman