Moonves: Murdoch Will Make another Attempt at Time Warner

CBS President Les Moonves talked with Bloomberg TV's Trish Regan yesterday to discuss CBS's online subscription service and CBSN, its new 24-hour online news channel.

Moonves also talked about Rupert Murdoch trying to buy Time Warner and CBS's interest in CNN.

When asked whether Murdoch might return with a bid for Time Warner, Moonves said: "I’ve learned in a long time in this business you never count Rupert Murdoch out of anything...Perhaps a yes. Once again, Rupert’s clearly one of the smartest men in our business and god knows what he will do next."

On whether he would consider buying a cable channel such as CNN, Moonves said: "I don’t think so. I think CBS News in and of itself is such a world – classy world operation in terms of our news gathering….I don’t think it is at all necessary or would enhance us at all to go and buy a cable news network. This is going to be the cable news network bypass, CBSN."