Minneapolis Station Gets Played like a Political Football (Updated)

KSTP Reporter Jay Kolls did a story in which he accused the Minneapolis Mayor of flashing a gang sign in a photo.

The Minneapolis police leaked a photo of Mayor Betsy Hodges posing with a convicted felon while throwing up a gang sign.

Or, put a different way, she was pointing at a local nonprofit employee who happens to be black and on probation.

Although the station blurred out the man's face, his name is Navell Gordon and he was working on election day to help get people to vote. Gordon himself says that he can't vote himself, but he is working to change that. 

The Mayor has been critical of the police and is now requiring some officers to wear body cams and that has police upset. So, it appears that the cops are doing all they can to smear the Mayor and have even made up a fake story that the Mayor was knowingly throwing gang signs in the photo.

It appears that the only Twin Cities station to buy into this crap, was KSTP.

This is what happens when you are an also ran station and it's ratings.

Here's video of their report:

And he is actual video of the Mayor and Gordan when the photo was taken. You be the judge as to whether she is flashing gang signs or not?

Let's hope KSTP apologizes for what was nothing more than an inaccurate and sensationalized report. 

But, we won't hold our breath. 

Update: The station released this statement after being raked over the coals for their awful reporting:

"Law enforcement sources alerted KSTP-TV to a photo they believed could jeopardize public safety and put their officers at risk, especially given the recent increase in gang violence. Multiple sources from several law enforcement agencies told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS the photo had the potential for undermining the work they are doing on the streets. 5 Eyewitness News blurred the individual’s face and did not name the group he was working for because police called into question only the judgment of Mayor Betsy Hodges."

We question the judgement of not the Mayor, but KSTP.

Just saying....