Just $975 to Go....

FTVLive continues to post updates on what has become a dying 5 year old desktop computer.

Our goal is to purchase the new Apple iMac with retina display. It sounds like an awesome plan until you find out that computer cost $2500.

So, FTVLive has started an online fund raising mission to try and get enough money to buy the new computer and keep this website humming along.

Some of the coolest people in TV news have stepped up and donated over $1500 to help the cause.

I cannot THANK those people enough!!!!

That means, FTVLive has less than $1000 to go to reach our goal and buy the computer that should keep this site purring along for another 5 years or so.

If you enjoy reading FTVLive and want to help the cause, there are two ways for you to do it.

You can send us some money securely using PayPal by clicking the "Donate" button below:

Or you can also stop by the Apple Store and purchase a gift card and send it our way. You can even do an online gift card and send it to our email address (ftvlive@gmail.com) with no postage needed.