Palm Springs Reporter has no Photographer and No Camera, But Still Goes Live

We get that TV stations love the idea of turning all their crews into one man bands, but at least you would have thought they would get a camera.

During election coverage, KESQ (Palm Springs) to Reporter Natalie Brunell. This young Reporter did not have a Photographer to shoot her live shot, hell they didn't even give her a camera. 

Brunell went live using the KESQ “Live Pad”....which is really just an iPad, but "Live Pad" sounds so much cooler.

Problem was Burnell could not get the iPad to change from the front facing camera to the rear one and needless to say, framing the shot was not very good either. 

But hey, It's cheaper than a News Photographer and it doesn't eat all the election night pizza. 

Let's go to the video: