Fox News Anchor is Cool, Calm and Collected

While many of the network anchors might be nervous tonight, heading into their big election coverage, don't count Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly in that camp.

Kelly told that she doesn't not get nervous on big nights and she says that because of her law background and her preparation.

"I've always relied on it. When I was practicing law, I felt that I may have been playing above my pay grade. You wonder, Do I belong here? Am I smart enough to do this? Am I good enough to do this? My security blanket was overpreparation. I could be going against somebody who was at the top of his class at Harvard Law School, and I couldn't wait to beat him because I would overprepare. I knew there was no way anybody would out-hustle me. That was my ticket to leveling the playing field," Kelly said

"In journalism, I don't have quite as much self-doubt as I did practicing law, but I still feel that the key to most things is preparation. I almost never feel nervous, even on big nights, because I usually know what I'm doing. There's comfort in being prepared. I try hard to provide myself with that," she adds.