Mother of Shooting Victim: Where Does CNN Get This Stuff?

A St. Louis area woman was killed by a bullet from a gun her mom says she purchased a couple of years ago.

CNN reported that she had recently bought the firearm because of all the problems in Ferguson.

Becca Campbell dies on November 21st and her mother Lorraine Neal of Florissant, said she thought Campbell accidentally shot herself with her own gun.

“I believe in my heart that it was an accident and that none of it was intentional,” she said.

Campbell was driving her 2006 Toyota Highlander with a friend after finishing a shift as a server at Tigín Irish Pub downtown, Neal said. Campbell carried a handgun for protection and had it with her that night.

Neal said her daughter’s friend told her and detectives that Campbell had started waving the gun, jokingly, while they were talking about the potential for unrest in Ferguson. The gun went off accidentally, he told her. Neal said she believed his story.

Neal said her daughter had just gotten off work and then may have had a few drinks before she was shot.

“I think she was waving it around, he went to grab it and it hit her in the right temple,” Neal said.

Neal said her daughter bought the handgun almost two years ago as protection for her two children, and disputes a CNN report that she had recently purchased it to prepare for the possibility of unrest in Ferguson.

“Where do they get this stuff?” Neal said.

It's the old case of never letting the facts get in the way of a good story. 

H/T St. Louis Post Dispatch