I'm Surprised You're Surprised

Michelle Nunn is a Senate candidate running as a Democrat and surprisingly she is not a fan of Fox News.

Nunn said she did not want to partake in a debate on October 26, that was to be moderated by Fox News Corespondent John Roberts.

Roberts told Democrat basher Howard Kurtz that, “For some reason, the Nunn campaign just does not want to talk to Fox News, even though we have been reaching out to them in various ways since about the month of April.”

How, a Fox News person can be surprised that a Democrat doesn't want to talk to them is a bit head shaking.

I'm sure there are a number of Republicans that refuse to talk to MSNBC and would not like it if an MSNBC talent was selected to moderate their debate.

Fox News wants to have it both ways. They want to be a champion for the right, but yet get pissed off when the left won't talk to them. We can't blame Nunn for saying no to a Fox News moderator, just as we won't blame a Republican not wanting a MSNBC talent moderating their debate. 

It's very hard for us to slide with a politician (since 99% are worthless scum, no matter which side they are on) but in this case we do.

Just saying....