Battling Dehydration, NY Anchor Takes on NYC Marathon

WCBS Anchor Kristine Johnson spent months training for the NYC Marathon. Between anchor duties and home life, Johnson squeaked in the time to train for a grueling day.

Johnson was excited for the day that she had spent so much time working for.

But, it did not go as planned.

At the 14 mile marker, Johnson was hit hard by dehydration. It looked like all that training and she wasn't going to complete the race she had started.

But, if you anchor the news in New York, you have to be tough and Johnson showed she was that.

She posted this to her Instagram:

"I thought I was hitting an early 'wall'. I mentally fought through fainting spells over the 59th street bridge - convincing myself I was strong enough to cross it. I don't remember the path that lead me to Mile 16. But the roar of a crowd in the distance gave me something to focus on. It was First Avenue. The corner I was so determined to experience in all it's glory. But I could barely stand straight. I stopped for salt thinking I could get right back on course - but the med staff wouldn't let me leave the tent. When it was recommended I withdraw - I was completely devastated. That was not an option. I waited until I was good enough for them to release me. By that time I think I lost a least 30 minutes. The remainder of the race is somewhat cloudy. Breathing my way through hallucinations and more fainting spells - I knew I was barely moving. In truth, I was embarrassed and held my head down to avoid being recognized. When it did happen I tried to flash a convincing smile that everything was good. My family was waiting for me around 125th and 5th. My coloring and emotional state was clearly worrisome so my husband got on the course with me. When I finally entered Central Park - Dana, Chris, and Lonnie also ran beside me to see me to the finish. I spotted other close friends along that last mile. I can't explain the emotional tug-of-war. Feeling the support of unconditional love from those closest to me but yet the sheer disappointment in myself. I don't feel I deserve a medal because I didn't perform as planned. A part of me feels I let some people down. Someone I've come to respect and admire emailed me last night and said a 'finisher is a finisher'. I may feel differently later. Right now emotions are too raw."

Johnson did not finish the race the way she wanted to, but she did finish. She was emotional as she crossed the finish line and she completed what she started.

Johnson should be proud of taking on the marathon and finishing it.

On Sunday, while Johnson was finishing her run of 26.2 miles, FTVLive was finishing off an entire bag of leftover Halloween candy.

We both didn't feel good after reaching our goal, but we did reach it. Although, if I have to be honest, Kristine's accomplishment was a bit more impressive then mine.

Just saying....