Report: Bolduan Maybe Replaced on CNN's New Day

The website The Wrap is out with a report that says that CNN boss Jeff Zucker is exploring the opportunity of replacing Bolduan on CNN's New Day.

Although the website bills their report as an "exclusive" you can go back in the FTVLive archives and find out that FTVLive has reported that news over a year ago.

The site says that Zucker is close to making a decision on whether to replace Bolduan, who is currently on maternity leave. 

Back in October 2013, FTVLive wrote, "(Chris) Cuomo told Zucker that Kate Bolduan is not a good fit for him and he wants someone new."

The Wrap writes that New Day is up 23 percent in total viewers year-over-year from mid-September to now; the time period Bolduan has been on maternity leave after having her first child, Cecilia.

What the Wrap doesn't point out that in that time you have had Ferguson, mid-term elections and ebola.... the ratings would have been up no matter who was anchoring the show. 

 Alisyn Camerota, who FTVLive FIRST reported was headed to CNN months before anyone else would be Bolduan's replacement, the Wrap reports. 

The problem that most everyone sees, except Jeff Zucker is that Bolduan is not the problem, Cuomo is.

Cuomo is arrogant and not liked by many that watch him. But, Zucker hired him with much fanfare and dumping him would be Zucker admitting he made a huge mistake in that hire. Zucker is not one to ever admit to making a mistake. 

So, while it is not a done deal that Bolduan will be replaced, it is surely a good bet and if it happens, it will not fix CNN's morning problems.