The FTVLive TV News Black Friday Drinking Game

FTVLive is not, nor have we even been much of a drinker, but that doesn't mean we aren't looking out for those of you that like to raise the bottle.

So, we are offering the "FTVLive TV News Black Friday Drinking Game."

If you follow the game rules on Black Friday, you should be fully smashed before the end of the morning newscast and fully comatose by the end of the evening news.

So let's play:

-Anytime you see the doors open at a Walmart and the mob rushes in, drink half a beer.

-Every shot of a cash register ringing up a sale, take a sip of your favorite beverage. 

-If you see video of either a child or old person sleeping at the mall, drink a beer.

-When you see the story that tells you not to leave shopping bags in plain sight in your car, take a shot.

-Anytime a Reporter asks, "are you going to spend more or less money than last year?" Down a beer.

-When you see the video of the person carrying like 8 shopping bags, take a shot.

-Every time you see Santa, take a sip. 

-A shot of a credit car being swiped....drink a beer.

-Every time an Anchor or Reporter says "Shop till you drop," take a shot and throw a brick through your TV.

Game over!