ABC Lands Ferguson Cop Darren Wilson

FTVLive told you that Ferguson Police Officer was auditioning network anchors as he decided who he would sit down with and talk to.

As we told you on Monday, Wilson met with Matt Lauer, George Stephanopoulos, Scott Pelley, Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon.

The winner of dancing with Darren was ABC's Stephanopoulos.

The ABC Anchor flew to Ferguson and sat down with Wilson for about 90 minutes. His interview first aired on World News Tonight and more will be shown on this morning's GMA. In fact, expect to see show much of Wilson on ABC's air, you might have thought he has been hired as a new anchor. 

ON WNT, Wilson went step by step with Stephanopoulos about the day he shot Michael Brown. While most of what he said had already been reported on the Grand Jury transcripts, it was interesting that Wilson did not appear to make eye contact with Stephanopoulos as he told his story. 

There was no doubt that Stephanopoulos landed the interview that everyone was hoping to get.