How Stupid Can You Be? (Update)

It continues to boggle the mind that on-air talent can be so stupid when it comes to social media. Most of the time, it's Millennials that can't seem to get out of the way of themselves. Here are some examples of hitting 'post' before engaging 'brain'.

KDRV-TV Meteorologist Seth Phillips (Fangue) and reporter Justin Bourke (Matthew) think they're hilarious.

Maybe they thought because they're using 'air names', no one would know who they are? Sorry, guys, FTVLive citizen journalists are everywhere. So, even though you escaped Bill Cosby, something tells me HR is going to be a lot more painful.

(Update) Add WAVE-TV EP Valerie Wilson to today's "How Stupid Can You Be" list. According to her Twitter, The @NewsGirlVal must be tired of the news in Ferguson, and tweeted something much more important.