Ferguson Coverage Turns Dangerous for Journos (UPDATE)

Covering a race fueled protest can get pretty crazy. Just ask CNN's Sara Sidner (picture right) who was hit in the head with a rock during a LIVE shot.

CNN's Stephanie Elam also had stuff thrown at her and Jake Tapper recommended she get to a safe area.

Over at FOX, Steve Harrigan had a close call with a looter wearing a mask. The guy yelled, "Hey man, fuck you!" and knocked Harrigan's camera to the ground. (UPDATING with Video)

Apparently the protestors took President Obama's statement to heart when he said, "There is inevitably going to be some negative reaction, and it will make for good TV".  He should have added, "Especially during Sweeps."

We're glad no one was seriously hurt as we watched from the 'safe room' of the FTVLive Headquarters.  Here's a timeline from Deadline.