Don't Worry, You Won't Miss DWTS (Update)

Taking a cue from the "Did they really say that" playbook, WTVC-TV in Chattanooga thought it would be a good idea to tell viewers the Ferguson announcement would have no impact on Dancing With The Stars.

As you can imagine, Twitter went crazy. What's worse, whomever was responsible for the @NewsChannelNine Twitter feed, kept trying to fix it. It got so bad, the Sinclair station was tweeting individual apologies.

As FTVLive has shown countless times, it's important that stations have an adult overseeing social media. Check out some of the tweets courtesy of and read more in The Hollywood Reporter.

(UPDATE) You gotta give a GM credit not only for knowing how to use Twitter, but for trying to save their station from a social media tailspin. Unfortunately, WTVC's Mike Costa was either 1) tweeting through Siri or 2) so mad that he made some big typos. Once again, the twitter-verse responded.