The Person Most Looking Forward to the Ferguson Decision

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was this/close to losing his job. Goodell and the NFL were leading the nightly network newscasts and being talked about over and over again on the cable news.

When the video of Ravens Running Back Ray Rice cold cocking his then girlfriend surfaced, the media was relentless and the calls for Goodell to be fired or resigned had reached a fever pitch.

But, what may have saved the NFL boss's job have nothing to do with domestic violence and happened hundreds a miles away in Dallas.

Thomas Duncan was admitted to a Dallas hospital with ebola and later died. Two of the nurses that treated Duncan also got the ebola virus and the NFL fumble on domestic violence was off the newscasts and the front pages.

It has long been known that TV news can only focus on one story at a time and they will do everything they can to ram that one story down the viewers throats. 

Like a kitten with a shinny toy, the media will lose interest as soon as the next shinny toy comes along.

Bill Cosby and all the rape stories are the latest shinny toy. Although stories of Cosby and rape charges have been around for years, it is just starting to hit the media with total over the top coverage. 

But, the Cosby story is about to die as soon as the grand jury releases their decision in the Michael Brown shooting. Once that comes down, you will barely see another Bill Cosby story and you can bet that Cosby himself is hoping that grand jury comes back Today.

And although an ebola patient likely saved the job of Roger Goodell, Cosby will not be so likely. The comedian reputation is gone and it is likely he will never have another job.

But, Cosby has plenty of money and will more than likely live the rest of his life quietly. And it will get much more quiet when the Ferguson grand jury comes back.

The media can not focus on two stories at once. 

Just saying....