Man Busted After Refusing to Leave Denver TV Station

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A man who entered the KMGH Studios in downtown Denver Friday and refused to leave was arrested after police say he bit an officer.

The incident happened Friday, according to KMGH staff members, the guy entered the lobby as a visitor was exiting, and told the receptionists there that he wanted to speak to a reporter.

The man claimed he is a Nobel Peace Prize winner and he had information about immigration, demons and spirits, and wanted his story told.

The staff members said the man was holding his cellphone in the air and recording their reaction on video.

Because he entered the building without authorization, the receptionists offered the man a phone number he could use to call in his tip, and then asked him to leave.

The man became argumentative and after he refused to leave, the Denver Police Department was called.

Police arrived and escorted the man out of the lobby, but KMGH said they saw the man begin resisting, and then they saw him bite one of the officers on the hand (which is very strange for a Nobel Peace Prize winner to do, don't you think).

The man briefly got away from cops but was caught and tased by police.

Let's go to the video: