Houston Anchor Getting Out Before She's Pushed Out

KPRC 2 weekend morning Anchor Courtney Zavala is calling it a career at the Houston NBC affiliate.

"It's time for me to bow out gracefully and go out the way I want to go out instead of them telling me it's time to leave," Zavala told mikemcguff.com. "It was not an easy decision, it was several months in the making."

Zavala, who joined KPRC back in 2003, says he contract was up and the station offered her another, but she chose to leave (i.e. it was a lowball offer). 

The Anchor says she has no future career plans, except for hanging out with her husband and two boys.

"I feel like I missed so much of my family life, that I'm just ready to be present," Zavala told me.

She says the family is certainly excited to have her home, especially with Christmas coming up.

For nine years, Zavala has been waking up at 2am for five days a week. She says you never fully get used to it, but her husband's support made it easier - especially with the kids.