Well, That Feel Good Story went South Quickly

A man contacted KXLY (Spokane) over the weekend, wanting publicity for his "Give Project" campaign.

The station aired a report showing the man they called "John Doe" handing out wads of cash to homeless people.

"A lot of people with money end up giving to large charities as you guys know, you never see any of that money for the most part, right? No. So it's a lot better if we can get money directly into your hands where you can actually use it," Jarzabek told KXLY Monday. “So every week as long as I can do this I'm going to try to hand out $5,000 or more."

It was a feel good story for the holidays.

But, it turns out that John Doe is really Edward Carmine Jarzabek and he's a  convicted felon, who was just released from prison in Idaho and is on parole on Grand Theft charges. And while he's busy passing out cash in Spokane, court records indicate that he still owes more than $10,500 in court costs in Idaho dating back to 2009.

In addition to the crime for which he served prison time, Jazrabek's extensive criminal history includes numerous traffic offenses, failing to register vehicles and leaving the scene of an accident where someone was injured without rendering aid. He also filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy collection in Idaho in 2004, listing nearly $50,000 in debt to 11 pages worth of creditors.

KXLY's feel good story on Monday, became their top story "exclusive" yesterday.

Don't you love sweeps.