'Fuck It, I Quit' Reporter Fights Subpoena

Former KTVA Reporter Charlo Greene is taking some time away from toking to fight a subpoena that was issued against her.

The "fuck it, I quit" Reporter is fighting a subpoena from the state panel that enforces election laws.

The AP writes that the Alaska Public Offices Commission wants to know whether Charlo Greene used crowdsourcing funds to advocate for a ballot initiative to legalize the recreational use of marijuana.

The commission is trying to determine whether money that was spent would trigger reporting requirements, said Thomas Lucas, its campaign disclosure coordinator for groups. Alaska's ballot measure was mentioned on the crowdfunding website, according to a printout included in exhibits with the case file.

Greene is the professional name used by Charlene Egbe, who considers the commission action to be harassment. In an email responding to a subpoena of records last month, Greene said that if the panel continued to bother her, she would "most certainly" sue.

Greene, in responding to the subpoena last month, said the "freedom and fairness fight" was about helping medical marijuana patients have safe access to their medication and is a "global entity," not confined to Alaska. If the commission wants documents from the crowdfunding site, it should direct their inquiries to the site, she said. She claimed constitutional protections against having to disclose requested information.