Big Snow, Big Ratings in Buffalo

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Buffalo TV stations are bringing in big ratings thanks to 6 feet of snow and no one is able to leave their homes.

If you combine all three early evening newscasts, the rating was equal to or exceeded what a Buffalo Bills game normally receives.

The big winner was WGRZ the Gannett owned station. 

WGRZ was the only station to stream their all day coverage of the Internet. 

The station dominated in the early morning over WIVB and WKBW.

At 2:30 in the afternoon, main Weatherman Kevin O'Connell (pictured) said that the station was on the air with extended coverage for 3 reasons, "We care about you, we care about your family and we care about your safety," O'Connell said.

Of course he could have also said, "we care about ratings, we care that it's November sweeps and we care about crushing the competition." But, we're guessing that would not have played as well to the viewers as his "we care about you" line.

At 5:30PM WGRZ pulled a 20 ratings and beat the other two stations combined. All the Buffalo stations are seeing their numbers rise almost as fast as the snow piling up outside. 

With another 2 feet of snow expected by Friday, Buffalo News stations are getting an early Christmas present from Mother Nature.