Boy Band Member Pissed at Matt Lauer

Now Matt Lauer has gone and pissed off the boy band One Direction. 

On the Today Show, Lauer  questioned bandmates over Zayn Malik's rumored abuse problems after the singer was absent from the Today Show appearance.

Malik responded with an angry denial, claiming he was ill.

Malik said Lauer's substance abuse questions were misdirected and wrong.

Hours after Lauer grilled Malik's One Direction bandmates over the missing singer at the boy band's latest album release Monday, Malik fired back.

"I'm really angry and upset by what was said," Malik said. "I was really ill at the weekend, that's why I couldn't fly to America."

When the band told Lauer on "Today" that the 21-year-old singer was missing from the Orlando gig because of a "tummy bug," Lauer dug into the Internet rumors that suggest Malik is struggling with drugs or alcohol abuse.

"Is it something more serious than just a minor illness?" Lauer asked.

You know, because Today asks the tough questions.

H/T NY Daily News