And Just How is this Guy still Employed by MSNBC?

MSNBC continues to let Al Sharpton host a show on the network, despite the fact that the guy not only crosses the ethical line, he has set up a mansion on the other side of it.

But, while Reverend Al dresses in his fine suits and travels first class to anywhere there is a camera, he still his millions in debt to Uncle Sam.

The NY Times took a look at Sharpton's finances and it is not pretty. 

The Times writes that Sharpton has regularly sidestepped the sorts of obligations most people see as inevitable, like taxes, rent and other bills. Records reviewed by The New York Times show more than $4.5 million in current state and federal tax liens against him and his for-profit businesses. And though he said in recent interviews that he was paying both down, his balance with the state, at least, has actually grown in recent years. His National Action Network appears to have been sustained for years by not paying federal payroll taxes on its employees.

With the tax liability outstanding, Mr. Sharpton traveled first class and collected a sizable salary, the kind of practice by nonprofit groups that the United States Treasury's inspector general for tax administration recently characterized as "abusive," or "potentially criminal" if the failure to turn over or collect taxes is willful.

How this guy is still employed by MSNBC is beyond us.

Also, you can bet your bottom dollar, or just barrow one like Al does that if there is any unrest and or cameras in Ferguson, Rev. Al will be there.

And you know he will travel first class to get there as well.