Oh CNN....

While CNN doesn't see to mind showing us Kim Kardashian's ass, they do warn you when you are about to hear the national anthem. 

CNN posted a video on their website entitled “Sailor mom surprises daughter at school.” It first appeared on CNN on Thursday.

Before the video started, a warning message appeared before the video stating: 

“Please be advised you are about to hear an excerpt of the national anthem,” the warning declared.

Thank God CNN warned us!!! We were about to play that video in front of a group of people here at work. 

The warning was the result of a mistake by an employee, a CNN spokesman told The Daily Caller. It stemmed from the employee’s unfortunate interpretation of a company policy which, respectfully, only allows “The Star-Spangled Banner” to be played in its glorious entirety.

Thus, the warning wasn’t about the substance of the national anthem. It was about the fact that the video contained only part of the song.

“The graphic was included in error and has been removed,” the CNN spokesman said. “The video remains on the site.”

Now back to the missing plane.