Media Companies (besides CNN) Back Away from Fareed Zakaria

While CNN has "complete faith" in serial plagiarist Fareed Zakaria, other reputable media organizations where Zakaria had his work published are now slapping disclaimers /corrections/warnings on old Zakaria articles.

The Daily Beast says that This week, The Washington Post, where Zakaria has penned an op-ed column, and the online magazine Slate, where he once wrote about martinis, publicly criticized his professionalism and ethics. Post Editorial Page Editor Fred Hiatt, previously one of Zakaria’s staunch defenders—he called the plagiarism charges “reckless” when Our Bad Media criticized several Zakaria columns three months ago—said the paper will likely slap warnings on five of his columns published before August 2012.

Hiatt explained his change of heart this way: “In the first batch of columns that were posted, I did not think the allegations concerning the [Washington Post] columns had merit. The anonymous posters put up six new allegations yesterday, and we looked at those and felt, on preliminary look, that five of them were problematic. We’re looking more carefully now, and where my preliminary view holds up, we will post messages, I hope within the next day or two.”

Looks like it many media companies are erasing the small "p" and replacing it with a capital "P" as in Plagiarism.

Will CNN follow suit and finally admit that Zakaria is a plagiarist

Don't hold your breath. 

H/T Insidecablenews