CBC Reporters are Tired of the FHRITP Shouts

And speaking of fucking her right in the pussy (that didn't come out right). Two Reporters for the CBC say enough is enough. 

Canada.com writes that Morgan Dunlop (pictured) and Tanya Birkbeck recounted several experiences of people yelling “fuck her right in the pussy” during their live broadcasts. Both women described feeling threatened by the interruptions.

 “Somewhere along the line this prank has morphed into something that’s not funny at all,” said Dunlop, who said she was interrypted with the phrase while speaking to an anchor in the studio during a demonstration in downtown Montreal. 

Birkbeck said she was unaware of the meme when two separate men yelled the phrase at her on the same day. 

“Just being in public with a TV camera means you have to be comfortable with all kinds of attention. I just wasn’t expecting this,” she wrote.

Both women described feeling vulnerable and belittled as a result of their experiences, with Dunlop even suggesting harassment like this could hurt a woman’s career in broadcast journalism if her manager restricts the kinds of assignments she can take on.

After learning how frightening, embarrassing and disorienting such an attack can be for someone just trying to do her job, it’s hard to watch videos of people rushing reporters to scream obscenities and find them funny. 

What may have seemed as a dumb but harmless prank is clearly more sinister for those on the receiving end, especially women.