Reporter Wins Then Booed off the Stage

FTVLive has long told you that we think Emmys are not worth the time. The awards are too easily won and given out in way too many numbers.

We know of one Emmy award winning Reporter that might want to redo her acceptance speech after winning.

WITI Reporter Meghan Dwyer won her Emmy for her report  Milwaukee public schools and they lack of taking bullying seriously.

When Dwyer won her award, she raced up on stage and then claimed that " public schools suck.... They’re horrible."

At that point she started getting booed and she then said, I love public schools..."

WITI GM John LaPorte spoke with TVSpy saying, “We have spoken with Meghan at length and she has made it very clear that she misspoke as she was caught up in the excitement of the evening.”

He did not say whether she misspoke about how "public schools suck" or that she "loves public schools."

Here's the video of Dwyer changing her tune and getting booed off the stage: