How to Search

If I had a dollar every time someone asked me how to find/search something on FTVLive, I wouldn't have to be begging for money to buy a new computer. 

Today, I'm going to let you guys use the exact same powerful search tool that I use to find stuff on this website.

Now, this is kind of a secret, but I use a thing called Google. You might not have heard of Google yet, but I really get the feeling that someday it is going to catch on.

If I am looking to find, say what FTVLive wrote about Robin Meade, all I do is type "Robin Meade FTVLive" in Google and like magic it gives me all the stories about Robin Meade.

I know! This is crazy....right?

So, if you want to find what FTVLive has written about you? Just go to Google and type "your name FTVLive" and you will get the results. I can't believe I have to say this, but where I wrote, "your name," you put in your actual name, or your stage name.

Now, as of Today, you guys will be using the very same powerful search tool that FTVLive uses.

Behold the power.