The Weather Channel Sics the Legal Department on FTVLive

Yesterday, FTVLive posted a video that we obtained that showed the big wigs at The Weather Channel preforming in a rap video.

Sources tell FTVLive that video was shot at a great expense to shown to clients. TWC President David Clark came up with the idea for the video that showed TWC talent, sales and executive staff partying down with expense champagne and smoking fine cigars. The video was inspired by Jay Z’s “Roc Boys".

The video was wrapped in irony when you consider that The Weather Channel has been laying off people left and right and cutting costs everywhere they can.

Their million dollar baby, Sam Champion, who was featured in the rap video, has turned out to be a bust. His AMHQ morning show is a ratings dud and it cost TWC millions of dollars. 

Shortly after posting The Weather Channel's Bad Rap video we received a call from Sheri McGaughy VP of legal at The Weather Channel, demanding that we pull the video from FTVLive.

Which kind of surprised us that the Weather Channel hadn't laid off the legal department yet.

Sources tell FTVLive when TWC suits saw the story on FTVLive that we fuming. Calls were quickly made to try and get this story pulled from our site. 

Weather Channel Shirley Powell, released this statement to

"This video was created for an internal ad sales meeting earlier this year.  Like many videos that get made for internal purposes only, it was made in the spirit of fun by our TV group to energize our ad sales force. It was never intended for external use. We are not authorizing any publication of the video."

The Weather Channel knows how bad this video makes them look, but what is really bad is that they shot the video to begin with. In the same year you are laying off numerous people, you're spending thousands of dollars for a video that was shown only in house.

Management deserves the bad rap (you see what I did there?).

You can bet if FTVLive posted a video of the American Bald Ego Jim Cantore saving a puppy, the legal department would have never called.

TWC can do all they want to try and censor the video, but you can't censor the stupid.

Just saying....