Longtime Wichita Anchor to Sign Off

After 51-years, KAKE Wichita, Kan., Larry Hatteberg announced he’s stepping down from the anchor desk.  His last show will be the 10 p.. newscast on Tuesday, Nov. 25.

"KAKE TV is the only job I've had in my adult life,” Hatteberg said.  “But five decades is long enough even at the job I love. At this point in my career, I'm looking for a bit more freedom to pursue the video and still photography projects that I want, without the deadlines that TV news brings.”

Hatteberg was a decent Anchor, but he was a world class News Photographer. The guy had an eye that you just could not teach.

We always felt that putting him on the anchor desk was a huge waste of a rare talent. But, you can't blame him. Last we looked, Anchors make a lot more money than Photogs.

Which sucks if you ask us. 

H/T TVNewsCheck